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Pixel art open-world action RPG Sea Fantasy announced for console, PC
2:08 am

Japanese developer METASLA has announced pixel art open-world action RPG Sea Fantasy for console and …



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How to find and beat Restless Spirit boss fight in Remnant 2
11:55 pm

How to find Restless Spirit boss guide Remnant 2The Restless Spirit is one of the rarest encounters in Remnant 2, randomly spawned in the N’Erud biome. This guide aims to help you find the Restless Spirit boss in Remnant 2 and tips on how to defeat it. Where to find the Restless Spirit boss in Remnant 2 The first thing players need to know about finding the Restless Spirit in Remnant 2 is that it all comes down to luck and doesn’t spawn in every playthrough. Restless Spirit spawns during the Gravity Drive event, which rarely occurs and may take the player several rerolls of N’Erud to find it. The Gravity Event can happen in the following N’Erud side dungeons: Astropath’s Respite Spectrum Nexus Terminus Station Tower of the Unseen When you reach one of the locations mentioned, search the entirety of the side dungeon. Remember, just because you rolled one of the correct locations doesn’t mean the Restless Spirit boss fight and Gravity Drive event spawned in your playthrough…


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Bravely Default fans can expect new “developments” about the series “later this year”
6:26 pm

Tomorrow marks Bravely Default 2’s third anniversary, and Tomoya Asano has the best gift of all for fans: a tease that the team will be able to tell us more about what’s happening with the franchise “later this year”.

Marking the event with celebratory art posted to X/Twitter, producer Asano thanked fans for their support and teased that we should “keep an eye out” for more “developments” about the Bravely series.

“[Bravely] Default 2 3rd anniversary celebration!” Asano wrote, as translated by Google. “Many messages will be sent during the year-end and New Year project. Thank you!

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