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Podcast: Covering GTA 6, the sale of Eurogamer, and Game of the Year
11:00 am

Welcome to another episode of Inside Eurogamer, the monthly podcast series exclusively for supporters of the Eurogamer website. It’s really easy to become a Eurogamer Supporter if you’re not already, and a monthly rolling sub is £3/€3/$3.

We’ve got quite a lot to talk about today. With me are the one-two leadership punch of editor-in-chief Tom Phillips and deputy editor Chris Tapsell, and they’re here to discuss how we cover an event like Grand Theft Auto 6, what we know about the sale of Eurogamer, and how we’re going to work out our Game of the Year. We also make plenty of time for your questions at the end, so thank you to those of you who submitted them.

Covering GTA6 is a delicate business. Of course everyone wants to know everything about a game and series of that magnitude, but how much is enough, and when do you risk doing too much? There’s a balance. And, on a more personal level, how does a website go about rallying around an out-of-hours leak like this?

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